In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have no forgotten this.– Terry Pratchett-

  • Name: Shanti
  • Rasse: Siam-Bengal Mix
  • Farbe: Tabby Creme
  • Geburtstag: 19. April 2007
  • GotYa Day: 23. June 2007
  • Charakter: Diva, stur, redet sehr viel, die perfekte Mama
  • Lieblingsspielzeug: Ball

  • Name: Shanti
  • Breed: Siam-Bengal Mix
  • Colour: Tabby Creme
  • Birthday: 19. April 2007
  • GotYa Day: 23. June 2007
  • Character: Diva, stubborn, talks a lot, perfect mom
  • Favorite Toy: Ball

All about Mr. Spocki, Shanti, Lucky, Neo (Pupsi) and our life as crazy cat parents ;))... Furthermore, you’ll get to know their furrfriends Pepsi, Sunny, Kirby & Buddy from Paris. “Crazy cat aunt” Christina with her cats Maxi & Mitzi. Also Toni, Frido, Leo, Bruno, Gina, Cindy & Maxi ... because we love dogs, too.

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